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Sofía Berakha, Mohsen Jamal, Stian Kluge, Nuri Koerfer, Kate Mackeson, Max Ruf, Vanessa Safavi, Mia Sanchez & Andreas Kalbermatter, Richard Sides, Mark Soo, Inga Sund Hofset, Santiago Taccetti, Angharad Williams,

Organized by Santiago Taccetti

Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin



People always ask me why a summer show… and you know… It’s the feeling of having everything you need in one place, a car, a kitchen, a shower… It’s sleeping under the stars during a clear night somewhere in the mountains… It’s the slow meditative driving on the right lane at 55 miles per hour with all the time in the world to think or listening to audio books. Its going to bed at sundown and waking up to the sound of waves on an abandoned beach just as the sun rises getting out your gas stove, cooking some eggs and making coffee while having a call with a client in San Francisco. Its arriving at a new place at dawn, making a fire and getting a cold beer out of the solar powered fridge, playing guitar while watching the tin foil wrapped potatoes slowly cook… Its being greeted by other summer show artists, whatever you need, they will always help you out. It’s this feeling that you can go anywhere, to places that have no names, just GPS coordinates… Desert, dirt roads, mud or mountains. 

And if you ever get stuck, there’s always a way out.